i am very blessed. i tend to find reasons to complain about my circumstances often (don't we all?) but tonight as i stood in my parents' kitchen eating pie and laughing with my family, it dawned on me that even when i don't think i have enough money, time, opportunities or things, i still do. i have enough - more than enough, actually. and for that, i am blessed and thankful.

"now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name." - 1 chronicles 29:13

have a wonderful thanksgiving!

image via martha stewart


sunday edition #8

wow, how long has it been since i've posted? a month? i feel like a total blog slacker - probably because i am. it's a shame i haven't found the time or the motivation to do so these past couple of months - fall is lovely and inspiring and i'm a little sad i've missed out on sharing it here. that said, i will not allow that to happen as thanksgiving and christmas come upon us. i love everything about this season and am so excited that it's here again!
today my house is actually clean and there's nothing pressing on the schedule so i'll be working on some christmas crafting. most likely while watching back-to-back christmas movies. i've been thinking a lot about my christmas decorations this year and think i've found some loose inspiration to get me going. here are several images i've been loving:

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