loving san fran

this san francisco girl might be my other half. i'm completely obsessed with her blog and i'm not sure how i haven't been reading it all along. literally everything she posts is gorgeous and inspirational. you're going to be obsessed too, i can feel it.

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alaska part 2: juneau

juneau, definitely my favorite port we visited, was a sweet little misty city nestled on the side of some beautiful mountains. once i ventured away from some of the more touristy streets, there were a lot of wonderful little houses, antique stores, coffee shops, and old book stores. it was fantastic and i could have wandered there for hours. i bought a chai and couldn't have been happier. 
so, apparently i need a tutorial on how to make photo collages on blogger or anywhere else (can't even get them to line up side by side), so for now enjoy an extremely long post of some of my favorite sights! sorry about all the scrolling but hopefully it'll be worth it...

my feelings exactly...

my house is clean. i worked out today. i went to a late-night movie with my parents. i got a bunch of free tunes thanks to starbucks' picks of the week. i had lunch with a friend. all-in-all a very successful monday. bring on the rest of the week...

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happy weekend at home!

i am finally in town for a weekend and so looking forward to getting caught up on life (and hopefully some blog posts), cleaning my house, and yard-saling. i'll be kicking it off this evening with a movie at home in my pj's with my cat and a giant bag of gummy bears. yessssssss. happy weekend!

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alaska part one: seward and college fjord

welcome to alaska! i've had so much fun going back through all of the pictures i took on our super trip and i'm really excited to share some of them with you. i absolutely loved wandering around our little port cities with my camera capturing little details...

these are just a few lovely pictures from our embarkation in seward and the next day at sea in college fjord. i absolutely cannot wait to share juneau, ketchikan, and vancouver soon!


christmas in july

this morning in my inbox, i had an email from borders saying that july 25th (this weekend) is halfway to the holidays. while i would argue that "halfway" actually falls on june 25th, either way i'm obviously very excited about this reality. i cannot WAIT for chilly weather, red starbucks cups, christmas lights, parties, presents, putting up all my shiny decorations, and lots of cheer.

if you're like me and not above listening to christmas music early (i generally start listening in august, but what's one month early?), you can stream christmas music live here during the month of july. thank you, lite 102.9, for being awesome. my office is so festive at the moment, and thankfully none of my coworkers have noticed or gotten angry with me yet.

so...merry christmas...in five months! you can start shopping for my presents now.

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little people

today when i got home from work i found a little mini boden catalog in my mailbox. i guess they sent it because i also receive the boden catalog (can not WAIT to get the autumn catalog by the way), and even though i have no little people to dress, it was really fun to flip through the pages of delicious tiny things for fall. their catalog styling is fantastic. i must say at this point, i'm probably more excited about dressing my kids someday than i am about actually having kids themselves. (let's hope that changes at some point. otherwise i could probably just get a doll.) and i would like to think i'm going to dress them like these cute mini boden people:

attention parents: please stop dressing your kid in shirts that say things like "my mom is hot" and start dressing them like this. thanks.

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happy bastille day!

i was in canada for the fourth of july. i'm in america for bastille day. i really need to work on being in the right place at the right time.
in celebration of bastille day, however, here are my top five favorite things about france:

1. le tour de france - it's amazing. especially mr. andy schleck. bonjour monsieur.

2. la mode - hello? how can i mention the french without mentioning their amazing style? they set the standard.

3. les norritures - croissants. wine. cheese. chocolate. butter. creme brulee. champagne. pastries. i think i just gained three pounds.

4. l'architecture - la tour eiffel, l'arc de triomph, mutiple notre dame cathedrals, etc. etc. it's beautiful and just so, so french.

5. la langue - everything sounds sexier in french.

vive la france! 

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sweet friday

happy friday!

my stomach is full of margaritas and delicious cabo fish taco, my heart is full from quality time with blair and allison, and my trunk is full of lots of ikea goodies for my new office at work. all in all a good evening? i'd say so.

headed to sc tomorrow for some much-needed time with two of my favorite people in the world!

have a wonderful weekend!!

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vintage calling

as you may have noticed, i love vintage anything. especially clothes. i get really excited when i find things like jcrew and marc jacobs at the goodwill, but i also get really excited when i find really gorgeous, classic, and unique pieces from back in the day. i have two insanely gorgeous vintage black dresses (both leslie fay pieces) that i love wearing because they look so different from a black dress you can buy anywhere.
that said, i also love etsy. and every time i hop over to that site, my love grows. especially last night when i discovered that etsy has an amazing selection of vintage pieces for purchase.
i particularly like vintage calling, which is based right here in charlotte, and very, very affordable. i first discovered this site when i checked out this gorgeous shoot by jen hunt. how great is bethany's white 20's number pictured above? so classy. i love the look of vintage clothes in photographs because they make a shot that would be good, great.
so here are two dresses i'm absolutely coveting right now. i may actually just go for it this weekend and buy one. which should i choose?

this super cute white mini?

or this gorgeous floaty number?

or maybe both? they are on sale, after all...

images: 1.jenhuntphotography 2/3. etsyshopvintagecalling


home again

hello blogger friends. i'm sure you all just missed me terribly while i was away. can i just say how fantastic cruises are? the food is amazing (like amazing, amazing) and there are no responsibilities. people clean up after you. people wait on you. people make you fun animals out of towels. it's fabulous, really. and, even more fantastic is the scenery we got to see on this cruise (including the above photo, in college fjord). we also saw:

1. humpback whales (i'm pretty sure i was as excited as a little kid the first time i saw these.)
2. bald eagles
3. glaciers
4. glaciers calving (that's where big chunks of ice break off and fall in to the ocean. so stinking cool.)
5. lots of gorgeous mountains
6. juneau, ak
7. ketchikan, ak
8. vancouver, bc
9. bears (stuffed, but still.)
10. real, live alaskan park rangers. they were so cool.

needless to say, i've been in a jet-lagged, depressed vacation hangover the past few days, but i can't wait to blog all of of my fun pictures and about some of the fun alaskan thrift and craft purchases i made in port. unfortunately, the photo above is from my mom, as i broke my camera on the last day of the trip (let's just add that to the list of things that have broken in my life during the past month, shall we?), so i'm working on getting that fixed so i can upload, edit and share all the goodness!