...home again!

hello and happy friday!
i've been home from the cruise for almost a week now, but i've been taking a little break from blogging as i had a significant amount of laundry, working out (i got a little souvenir in the form of extra weight from the cruise), and mourning the end of my vacation to do since saturday.

for those of you that have eagerly been checking my page every day to hear about the trip, i promise to have some pictures up soon, and just to let you know it was wonderful! it was everything a vacation should be including relaxing afternoon naps in chairs on the ship deck, room stewards making my bed everyday, waiters and waitresses bringing me as much food as i wanted, and lots of time to do whatever i felt like doing.

i also was able to:

- laugh until my stomach hurt at least once daily, thanks to blair, lacey, and taylor.
- snorkel in the carribbean. i had a near-drowning incident when i saw some jellyfish. but it was really awesome otherwise.
- drink lots of yummy fruity drinks, most of which we managed to not pay for thanks to carnival's guilt about not taking us to cozumel. i'm really loving whiskey sours, by the way.
- win $0.50 plus the money i played in the slot machines at the casino.
- eat free sushi nearly every night from the mini sushi bar. it was fabulous.
- avoid almost all sunburn. something many people on the ship were not able to do.
- ride a waterslide on the ship. it was way cooler than it sounds.
- sing and dance at meals, which i was told was poor manners as a child.
- dance the cupid shuffle, chacha slide, electric slide and macarena. they're very in to group dances on the ship.
- order as much as i wanted at each meal. which led to eating more delicious things than any diabetic should eat in one week.
- watch several song-and-dance shows (really great, actually) which featured four male dancers that reminded me of the wiggles.
- sneak in to the ritz carlton in grand cayman and play on their private beach.

overall, i'm ready to pack my bags and do it all again tomorrow. stay tuned for pictures and more stories!

have a lovely weekend!
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i'm going on a boat!

hello loves.
i promise i'm still alive. i'm sorry it's been so long since i've posted! my personal computer has broken and i've been busy planning two events (one fundraiser, one home dedication; both this weekend.) at work so there's been very little time for sleep, blogging, or much of anything else. i miss my daily blog posts, though, and can't wait to get back to it...

...although it's going to be another week. because i'm leaving for my cruise on sunday! i'm vacationing with three of my favorite ladies for six glorious days and can't wait to eat whatever i feel like (i've been on the "i must wear a bathing suit soon" diet lately. i miss carbohydrates.) and drink fruity drinks next to the pool in my big straw hat and mary-kates (aka: giant sunglasses as worn by mary kate olsen). so wish me bon voyage and i promise i will have many lovely posts when i return. (or when i scrape together enough cash to get a new computer...)

au revoir!

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vacation is calling my name - a post by lacey

"if you don't enjoy the trip, you probably won't enjoy the destination" - joe tye

in a few short days, i will be as carefree as the feet in the photo above. our cruise ship for grand cayman leaves on monday, but my vacation starts on saturday when i drive to chelsea's for some pre-cruise celebrating. i'm really looking forward to showing off my mystic tan and drinking a yummy beverage (or two) out of a coconut shell. have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend!

until the cruise comes home, lacey
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mom, you're the jam - a post by lacey

in a few short days it will be time to celebrate mommy day. i've always asked my mom if i could get special treatment on this day too because, afterall, she wouldn't be a mommy without me. she laughs at my annual joke and then waves me away to get her another cup of french press coffee and piece of dark chocolate. my mother is a very special woman. she is an amazing wife and best friend to her husband dale, a supportive and loving mother of three, and a friend to many. so here's to my mommy and all the other mommies out there-happy mother's day! you are loved!

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