exciting news - but hurry!

oh my goodness. you guys. i checked my email this morning to find an amazing one - blooming branch has been nominated for a charlotte web award from elevate lifestyle for "best personal blog". my heart is full and i am completely floored.
unfortunately, i've been consumed this weekend with other things and didn't even see the email until now, and voting ends at 10:00 a.m.
if you have a moment, will you please follow this link and vote for blooming branch? it takes about thirty seconds. if you have facebook, twitter, and pinterest you can actually vote THREE times.
i would love you forever if you did. :o) more soon!


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today i...
- slept in and woke up to coffee i didn't have to brew or buy
- left my hair curly, went without make-up, wore a white lace caftan as a dress
- rode a giant ferris wheel
- met an nfl star randomly at lunch
- shopped at the goodwill (and spotted some lanvin)

- bought some gorgeous sea anemones for my new mantel
- drank two white wine spritzers before dinner
- laughed over casserole at my grandparents' dinner table
- walked on the beach at sunset
- put on pajamas before 10pm
- ate brownies and ice cream
- watched hgtv for the rest of the night

my kind of weekend


an invitation

hello friends!

it's a big day over at blooming branch. as of two weeks ago, i am officially a charlotte resident! i have a sweet little triplex house with a fireplace and a deck and a closet that comfortably fits all of my clothes. can you believe it!? it all happened rather quickly and while it doesn't feel like home quite yet, i'm so happy to have reduced my commute to work by 45 minutes (seriously. it's bliss.) and live among the cool city people. liam is adjusting well to big city life and i feel that i'm coming along quite nicely as well. i've been pulled between concord and charlotte for quite a while now, and while i'll still be going back and forth fairly often because i like concord and i like my parents, it's nice to feel settled and committed somewhere that i've wanted to be for so long.
the best part about this move has been all the downsizing. my new place isn't really much bigger than my old one, so i've tried to be really cognizant of how much i actually need versus how much i actually want. they are very different.  so, guess what? i want you to have all the things i'm getting rid of. and by have, i mean buy at yard-sale-like prices. so. you're invited to my in-house, invite-only moving sale. it's basically like a yard sale but in the air conditioning, more dignifed and with no aggressive yard sale strangers (you know the ones i'm talking about) and with cupcakes and delicious beverages. how can you pass that up?

also, PLEASE bring your friends or share with anyone who may be interested.
p.s. i had a rather unfortunate hard drive crash last week, so i'm still without a computer at home (boo) but much more to come soon, including blooming branch's first-ever GIVEAWAY.