cheap thrill

two weeks ago, a great thing happened in kannapolis. i woke with the sun and joined a loooong line stretching through the entire plaza early saturday morning in anticipation of the grand opening of mighty dollar. unlike other "everything's a dollar" stores, none of the products in mighty dollar were originally meant to be sold for $1. think of it like big lots or tjmaxx, but cheaper. all of the products are closeouts from other places and there are some fabulous things there. my two visits so far, i've seen:

- nine west and $48 perry ellis sunglasses (original tags still attached)
- krylon spray paint
- family size boxes of toy story cheese-its
- fair trade bangle bracelets made by women in india ($10 originally - tags still attached)
- sunsilk hair products
- super cute leather passport covers
- great flower vases/crocks from 1-800-flowers
- hardcover brand name cookbooks
- full-size and mini party lanterns in varying colors/shapes/sizes
- tons of different scrapbook paper packs (these are at least $5 each at michael's)
- cute cute giant coffee mugs (my favorite size of coffee mugs)

obviously, i'm going to become a regular here. above are some of the super duper things i got during my last visit. jealous? don't be - come visit me and we can go shopping, or check out some of the other locations in the area.

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hello, spring!

happy first day of spring! it couldn't be more beautiful outside today and i couldn't be happier about the change of season!
enjoy the weekend!

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food coma

i'm just going to come out and say it: i lovelovelove pancakes. in fact, they rank right up there with pizza and cake as some of my very favorite-could-eat-them-every-day foods (healthy, i know). i love making pancakes on lazy mornings and look forward to cooking them every weekend for my kids some day.  i'm personally a huge fan of trader joe's multigrain mix for the do-it-yourself version, and i'm also partial to cracker barrel's delicious fruity ones. but the best of the best come once a year at our local boys and girls' club pancake day fundraiser.
i've grown up going to this event, and practically everybody in the area takes some time out of their day and six dollars out of their pocket to attend.  i can guarantee that no matter when i go, i'll always run in to a handful of people i know. it's nothing fancy - giant plate-size pancakes served hot off the griddle by well-known men in the community and eaten at long tables with plastic silverware in the boys' club gymnasium, but it's one of my very favorite days of the year and a great event for a great organization. i love that while concord's population has exploded over the past ten years, certain traditions remain the same, and it still feels like a small town sometimes. (even though i did wait in line for 45 minutes for my pancakes tonight.) today i enjoyed pancakes for both lunch and dinner and can now officially say that i need to "lie down and be very still" (blair's words, not mine) while all those carbs and sugar digest.  i'm pretty sure, however, it was worth every last calorie.

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we're so gossip girl

two weeks ago, blair and i got the chance to attend the lore emelio premiere fashion show in southend charlotte. i met lore last year at a gallery crawl in north davidson and i was completely enamored with her cool hats, jewelry and hairpieces. now she is moving in to clothing design and i can probably say attending this show was one of the coolest things i've ever done in the city. it'd be fun to act like i do awesome things like sit in the second row at local designers' fashion shows all the time, but i don't and it was cool. 
the evening started with delicious free prosecco (yessssss) and goody bags on our seats...

lore studied at unc-chapel hill and the parsons school of design and thinks that charlotte is becoming the fashion center of the south. you can follow her here, on her website. maybe i'll see you at the next show!


this guy was cracking me up. i hope you enjoy his blue steel as much as i did. and his bowtie, made by lore. 

one of the spring looks! you can see more on her website. 

not only did we have a blast and get an exclusive invite to the after party at the super-cool new nightclub butter (very chic) but we even made the paper in the scene and heard section. we're so big city. (haha) all-in-all, it was a fabulous night that only cost me the valet tip. love it! 

photos 5/6 by daniel coston via the charlotte observer 


j'aime le petit déjeuner

it always seems to happen when i'm visiting new cities -  i stumble upon amazing breakfast places, and my time in DC was no different. several blocks from my hotel, in georgetown, i hit le pain quotidien for breakfast mainly because the name was french and it looked delicious from the street. i couldn't have been more right - apparently the restaurant is a large international chain but has a great philosophy. they use all organic ingredients, cultivate relationships with local farmers, use reclaimed wood and environmentally friendly materials in construction, and each location even has a "communal table" - a long table in the middle of the restaurant designed to bring people together. i snapped a few shots while enjoying my delicious organic latte (which was served in a bowl, comme les français) and pastry early saturday morning - enjoy!

the communal table - made from reclaimed wood and probably at least fifteen feet long. it was beautiful!


sunday edition #5

hello! i've been having the most magnificent weekend! my house is spread with spring decor (most that still hasn't found a home, yet) and while it's probably still a little too chilly, i've got the windows open and am enjoying the fresh air! as the spring brings with it energy and life and excitement, so does our life in christ. i'm reminded of that each year as the trees and flowers start blooming that i, too, am a new creation in my savior and i find joy and beauty in that promise. one of my favorite hymns (which we sang at church today) characterizes this perfectly and i thought i'd share it with you. happy sunday!

joyful joyful we adore thee
god of glory, lord of love
hearts unfold like flow'rs before thee
opening to the sun above
melt the clouds of sin and sadness,drive the dark of doubt away
giver of immortal gladness, fill us with the light of day

all thy works with joy surround thee
earth and heaven reflect thy rays
stars and angels sing around thee
center of unbroken praise
field and forest, vale and mountain; flowery meadow, flashing sea
chanting bird and flowing fountain, call us to rejoice in thee

thou art giving and forgiving
ever blessing, ever blest
wellspring of the joy of living
ocean depth and happy rest
thou our father, christ our brother, all who live in love are thine
teach us how to love each other, lift us to the joy divine

mortals join the mighty chorus
which the morning stars began
father love is reigning o'er us
brother love binds man to man
ever singing march we onward, victors in the midst of strife
joyful music lifts us sunward, in the triumph song of life 
- h.v. dyke

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hello delicious weekend!

it might be a little rainy tonight, but here are some reasons why this weekend already has been and will be just fabulous:

1. shopped at hobby lobby for springtime home goods (i'm getting crafty - we'll see how it goes)
2. ate japanese takeout on the living room floor with my parents while watching jeopardy and wheel
3. first thunderstorm of the season! yessss.
4. i hate valentines day dvd and two unread martha stewart spring magazines

1. grand opening of mighty dollar (aka the greatest dollar store on the planet) party
2. inevitable trip to starbucks following early morning shopping extravaganza
3. packing up winter clothes/decor and bringing on the spring!
4. uptown date with blair to see nc dance theatre/jean pierre bonnefoux's cinderella at the new knight theater (we've got second row seats!)

1. more craftiness and decorating
2. young life leader/committee bunco night

dude, i'm so excited. hope your weekend is amazing as well!

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the one where i tell you about dc - a post by lacey

**note from chelsea** once, lacey sent me a blog post about her trip to dc in october and i posted it in march. not on purpose, it just kind of happened. this is probably why lacey hasn't posted anything new since then and probably why i don't deserve to be her friend. so tell her you want her to keep posting about her super cool life/job/house in raleigh, please, because i want her back, too!

home again! two weekends ago i made a trip to dc to visit my bestie bec and craft it up at a big arts and crafts fair. we had a ball to say the least. instead of blab on and on about it, i thought i show you some choice photos from our weekend and commentate on them. take a look!

this is the "make something awesome" table. it was covered in scrap cloth and instructions to make pumpkin pincushions and other such things.

this is basically how i felt about the craft fair. 

this was my favorite booth. they made everything out of old maps-journals, note card and envelope sets, magnets, etc. 

this was about 1/4 of all the booths at the fair. i think i want to invest in my own booth next year! of course, crafting wasn't all we got into...

we revived our lagging caffeine levels at tryst, a very relaxed bar/coffee shop/restaurant in adams morgan...

dined at hotspot busboys and poets...

and danced the night away after dinner.

the trip was short, but it was a wonderful mini-vacation. i'm saving up my pennies so i can make the trip again soon!

until next week, (or march...)

a snowy series

as you may have noticed if you've read my blog over time, i have a serious obsession with tree branches in winter. i decorate with them. i take too many pictures of them. i steal them off the side of the road when my my neighbors cut down trees and put the branches out on the curb to be picked up. i just think they're gorgeous in a very minimalist way. i even went a little crazy this winter and glittered up a giant bunch of them in a vase with silver and pink glitter.
anyway, in a last little salute to winter, here are a few shots i snapped during our last big snow a couple of weeks back. if you think branches are pretty bare in the winter, try them covered in snow. i woke up early on saturday morning, put my rubber boots on with my pj's and a big sweater, and walked down my street enjoying the beauty.


hip hip hooray!

i would be a terrible friend/sister if i didn't tell you...

1. that my best friend lacey turned the big 2-5 this weekend. she is amazingly cool and beautiful and thoughtful i'm so lucky to be her friend!! happy birthday love! 

2. that my smarty-pants little brother found out this week he was accepted (one of only fourteen applicants that they take each year) in to the prestigious yale school of architecture graduate program. not only is he super-creative, super-cute and super-smart, but he's super hard-working and loves what he does. he deserves this incredible honor and i am so proud of him!

images: 1. motleycrew.blogspot.com 2. yale school of architecture