under construction

hello friends!

just sharing some exciting news this morning. blooming branch has been on my heart a great deal lately and i've been making lots of plans for it. in fact, so much so that in a few weeks, the new and improved blooming branch blog is going to be live! i'm soon to have a new logo, a new blog look and a new url thanks to some very talented folks i've met through odesk who are making my life easy. it's going to be fan-cy and i am very eager to have a new space to resume my long-neglected posting.

in the meantime, you can read a few freelance pieces i've written recently for ibelieve here (on friendship) and here (on career). i've been blessed to have the opportunity to write for these folks and am excited to continue doing so!

stay tuned in the coming weeks for some big time changes - i can't wait to share them!


image via gnato on deviantART