some things (like celebrity gossip) are just better when they're shared...

getting creative: 
i know there are probably about a zillion free photo editing sites out there, but pretty much all of my personal photos are edited using picnik. it's free, it's easy and i can whiten my teeth with the touch of a button.

pinterest is the best time waster and the best place to find "why-didn't-i-think-of-that?" organizational, craft, cooking, and decorating inspiration. and the best part is you can steal those ideas and appear decidedly creative yourself.

my friend blair is tall, gorgeous, creative, and probably the wisest and most rational person i know. she's extremely great at running and speed crafting (she once made an extremely cool cuff bracelet in about five minutes). you can read all about her fun life with baby elliot, her crafting adventures, and steal lots of delicious (some vegan!) recipes on her blog.

my friend lacey is really funny, likes cool music from people i've never heard of (until she makes me cd mixes, that is) and loves shopping at goodwill and tjmaxx as much as i do. she loves jesus, leads her small group, and once threw up in a bag while driving 60 on the highway. humming right along with her is fuuuun.

my friend lindsey lee photographs weddings, families, babies, dogs, and seniors and happens to be remarkably awesome at it. she and her husband joe invite me to their lakehouse, are expert waterskiiers, have the most fantastic garage full of yard sale treasures (no room for cars) and like to repurpose lots of fun things. lindsey is the most honest person i know and owns my second favorite dog in the entire world.

my friend/future sister in law gracie has the coolest style and the coolest life. she and my brother (her finacé) manage to know the most interesting, influential, creative people ever. they party in beverly hills and new york city like it's no big deal and they just got engaged in positano, italy this summer. gracie is extremely thoughtful, extremely good at speaking romantic languages and extremely smart when it comes to art and all things related.

check out the sermons from the church i attended when i lived in georgia. i wish i could have brought it back to north carolina with me! their expository teaching is some of the most insightful i've ever received.

young life is an organization i'll support forever. i've been involved with it in different ways ever since high school and love that it focuses on relationships, living abundantly in Christ, and being Christ to kids. check it out. you'll fall in love, too.

compassion international makes it easy to provide a child with basic needs and education for a little more than a dollar a day. think about what we spend a dollar for here in america and sign up to be a sponsor already. they're amazing about connecting you and your sponsored child - i get letters from my sponsored girl, uma, in india almost once a month!

knowing that people around the world experience things like slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression is sometimes too much to think about and too easy to forget. international justice mission faces these issues head-on in countries around the world and focuses on relief, accountability for the oppressors, care for victims once they are rescued and, finally, a restructuring of political and justice systems to prevent future cases. while helping to stop something as big as sexual trafficking may seem unattainable, i truly believe "the Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed" (psalm 103:6) and uses every little bit of support we can give.

lucky magazine's site is so addicting, plus you can enter to win lots of fantastic things! i also highly recommend the magazine - it's my favorite!

need outfit inspiration? check out what i wore, atlantic pacific, sterling style and my style pill. i love how other people's looks can give me an idea to totally rework pieces that i already have.

other things that i love:
the north carolina dance theatre is amazing and if you live in the charlotte area, you should check them out.

grooveshark provides all of the playlist widgets i use on my blog completely free! in fact, you can listen to pretty much anything and even set-up a free account to save playlists you create. see ya, pandora.