so guess what!? i'm going to be a bridesmaid! my friend sarah's bf jason popped the question on christmas, and sarah officially popped the bridesmaid question to lacey and me a couple of weeks ago over pf changs. (note: i will probably say yes to almost anything if you ask me over pf changs.) while i don't get to wear a big white dress and have everyone's attention on me, i get to wear a green or blue dress and celebrate my friends sarah and jason. i'd say that's pretty great as well. this is my first time being a bridesmaid and i'm super duper excited.

i went to the bridal showcase last weekend with sarah and it was fab-u-lous! while my taste for weddings is a little different than some of the vendors that were there, (i'm really not a fan of wedding clichés. if you know me at all, you probably have heard me talk about this and for that, i apologize.) but it was still really fun to get fun wedding/shower ideas and free samples.

speaking of which, i shamelessly accepted every free food sample that was offered (which probably adds up to about three full-size cakes.) i was feeling pretty gross when i left. overall, i had lots of fun exploring with sarah, her moh katie, sarah’s mom, and jason (who was totally a trooper and tagged along with us)!

our free photo shoot with shutter booth...

there was an entire photobooth strip of these, but i'll spare you the rest.

weddings and the city booth, featuring elements from carolina bride cover girl lindsey regan thorne's wedding at the mint. you can see her wedding photos here.

new york bride and groom, which just expanded their shop in charlotte, showing off some delicious dresses.

my friends stephen and cj torrence of torrence photography's very cool booth (they had all these old cameras on display in the case.)
you should also check out my friend lindsey lee's booth photos. i didn't snap any shots because i was too busy chatting, but it was like a mini anthropologie store. so cute.

delicious free samples. i ate like a fat kid and was not the least bit ashamed.

cuppycakes from the blushing bake shop, which just opened in ballantyne village. how pretty are these?

more blushing cupcakes... almost too pretty to eat (but not quite)

why, yes, i would love a piece of the almond cake...and the chocolate...and the vanilla. this booth gave out full-size pieces and therefore was one of my favorites. laura's bakery in matthews, however, won the best cake of the day award. and i definitely did my research.

i'm liking this this table for a fancy schmancy beach wedding. i love the blue/gold tablecloth.

a little over-the-top, but also a little fabulous.

i've got wedding fever at this point and am so excited to help sarah plan her big day and throw her an amazing shower and bachelorette with lacey and katie. stay tuned, as i'll for sure be keeping you posted!

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