still more alaska? you betcha.

hi. i know it's hard to believe - i'm actually writing a blog post! how long has it been since that happened? to be honest, july and august are quite possibly the most miserable, uninspiring months of the year and i haven't been able to manage much in between busy work days and fun weekends. it has been a great summer despite the heat, and i'm also glad that it is now officially over. 
now, on to more alaska. i already posted my pictures of ketchikan, but this little shop deserved its own post and was one of my favorites of the trip. i was so glad to have stumbled upon it. a lot of the merchandise was handmade, including some really awesome jewelry, and it is run by this totally cute husband and wife team. the good news is they have a website you can browse. the bad news is that you can't actually purchase any items there. i loved some of the items and i would've bought all my souvenir gifts here if i were a tad bit richer (so cute, but a little pricey)...


...pretty cute, right? so, the next time you make it to alaska...be sure to check them out! more soon (for real)!

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