christmas cottage

congratulations. you get a free tour of my christmasy cottage. my challenge this year? decorate with no red. given that santa really likes red, and it makes up 50% of the official "holiday colors", i had to get creative. the good news is a lot of this decorating will stay up through march. the bad news is i might kill my cat soon if he doesn't stop destroying my christmas tree.

those are newspaper garland paper chains, if you're interested. i also wrapped gifts in newspaper this year. i'm so eco-chic.  

i'm pretty proud of my "merry merry" banner. so festive. 

these balls cost less than a quarter each at the gibson mill. i'm so obsessed with them. 

you, too, can have a cool window on your wall if you're willing to pick up people's trash off the side of the road. and if you're willing to shop at big lots for decorations, you're good to go. this whole little display cost less than $5.  

a creative take on the christmas tree. i also pulled this baby out of someone's trash. 

merry merry christmas from my house to yours!

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