take a ride

i think ferris wheels are very lovely and romantic. given that it's fair season, i've been in the mood to ride one lately. on a chilly night. with a cute boy. and some cotton candy.

images: 1.jazlyn.tumblr 2.flickr 3.diminishinglights.tumblr 4.evergreene.deviantart 5.beautyineverything.com 6.lovebitesociety.deviantart


sunday edition #7

somehow, baking pumpkin bread and decorating my house for fall today doesn't have quite the same allure when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees. there are some great things about living in the south. there are also some not-so-great things, like running my ac at full-blast and sweating in the middle of september.

fall needs to hurry up and get here. i miss my boots and scarves and they miss me too. in the meantime, these lovely fall images will have to do...

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happy friday + feast your eyes

i couldn't be more excited that it's friday. for real. this week has been brutal. i have very little planned this weekend that involves wearing anything but pj's or leaving my house. it's going to be super.

also, i am definitely not the first, nor will i be the last to write about this. but lonny magazine's new website is so great. their online magazine is fun, their blog is awesome, and now their site captures a bit more of their culture and lot more gorgeous images in a very lovely format. i honestly love pretty much every interior that's featured. here are some top favorites for you to enjoy this friday afternoon...


all images via lonny mag


oh, canada

i promise this is the last post about my cruise. then, i'll actually start coming up with something new to talk about. fall is here now, which leaves me with a lot of super inspiration like pumpkin spice lattes and new boots. yum.
vancouver was gorgeous, but sadly shrouded in a cloud of "your-vacation-is-now-over" depression. about halfway through the day, i dropped and broke my camera, which made me even more depressed. part of my lack of blogging lately is also due to my broken camera, which no camera expert has been able to repair. awesome. were it not for the drop, i'd have a lot more photos than i do, but enjoy the loveliness!



still more alaska? you betcha.

hi. i know it's hard to believe - i'm actually writing a blog post! how long has it been since that happened? to be honest, july and august are quite possibly the most miserable, uninspiring months of the year and i haven't been able to manage much in between busy work days and fun weekends. it has been a great summer despite the heat, and i'm also glad that it is now officially over. 
now, on to more alaska. i already posted my pictures of ketchikan, but this little shop deserved its own post and was one of my favorites of the trip. i was so glad to have stumbled upon it. a lot of the merchandise was handmade, including some really awesome jewelry, and it is run by this totally cute husband and wife team. the good news is they have a website you can browse. the bad news is that you can't actually purchase any items there. i loved some of the items and i would've bought all my souvenir gifts here if i were a tad bit richer (so cute, but a little pricey)...


...pretty cute, right? so, the next time you make it to alaska...be sure to check them out! more soon (for real)!