monday mums

why is it that when you get out of a habit, it's much harder to get back in the swing of things? runway has been finished for two weeks now (best two weeks of the year so far) and i've so been looking forward to blogging again, but as it's no longer a part of my routine, i'm spending a lot of time thinking about my blog and not a lot of time actually blogging. with three major grant deadlines at work this week, however, i'm thankful that blogging is something that i can do when i'm in the mood and no one is forcing me to write when i don't feel like it. there are few things in life without rules and obligations and i'm glad that this is one of them.
in the meantime, above is a photo of my coffee table currently (the last surviving buds from my lovely runway bouquets), and i've made a new playlist, to which i've been listening pretty much nonstop. it's lazy and lovely as we wrap up these last few weeks of winter-with-an-identity-crisis. much more to come, including what i learned from co-chairing runway (a lot) and a few recent great deals. thanks for hanging in there with me!

p.s. in a random side note, the top book in this stack is one of my favorite possessions - it's a book of henry wadsworth longfellow poems from 1898. it's in surprising good condition considering its age and has a number of items stuffed in the pages (newspaper clippings, church bulletins, a funeral program for an infant) that are all dated between 1900 - 1910. i love thinking about who owned this book before me, what their life was like, and how the lovely words on its pages are still meaningful and timeless. while we're at it, the book below it is a 1950's unabridged version of victor hugo's les miserables (my favorite book) and the one below that is an old collection of cezanne's sketches and paintings. the final book isn't old, but is a stunning photography collection of france's lavender fields. all of these books came from the goodwill. go figure.

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