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i was recently tagged by the lovely lacey (and by recently i mean like six months ago) to do a fun little "five things" post that's been floating around the bloggy world these days. ironically, this also happens to be my five-hundreth blog post. even though i haven't been very committed to the blog lately, i am so thankful for the role it has played and will play in chronicling my life and engaging my creativity. a five things post seems a fitting way to mark this milestone. making lists happens to be one of my favorite things, so let's get to it. five random things you may not know about me:

1. one of my other favorite things in life (besides lists) is taking weekend trips to new (and old) places. i love trying new restaurants, exploring local boutiques and galleries and wandering neighborhoods looking at houses. it doesn't have to be far away and i get just as excited about small towns as i do about the big ones. even when i don't particularly love a place, it's fun to experience the culture and find the things that make it unique. i'm not a big fan of doing tourist-y things when i travel, and i like to take my time and be spontaneous. schedules are for work days.

2. sometimes (a lot of times) i like to sing in my car and practice my kareoke debut. i've never actually sung karoke and that's probably better for everyone. if i did, however, i would probably like to sing 1. tim mcgraw by taylor swift 2. escapade by janet jackson  or, a duet with some unbeknowst kid rock stand-in to 3. picture by kid rock featuring sheryl crow. (and please don't judge me for numbers two and three. the heart wants what it wants.) this tidbit does not, however, mean that i am actually going to sing karaoke. okay then.

3. i really like books and magazines. i don't want to read them on a tablet. i want to hold them in my hands and turn their pages and underline things and fold down corners. sorry, iPad, but i just don't need or want your help with that.

4. i overanalyze everything. all the time. every waking moment, every single thing. sometimes i'd like to turn my brain off, please, and not think so much. it would probably definitely make my life a little less stressful.

5. when i grow up and have a family, i am so excited to make big, lazy breakfasts together on weekends. especially pancakes. i love breakfast and i love staying home in my pajamas and making it. it will be a lot more fun when i don't have to eat all the cinnamon rolls by myself. although i can't say i mind too much because cinnamon rolls are delicious.

1. tedbaker 2. budget travel 3. honey kennedy 4. victoria savannah

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Anonymous said...

glad to be reading your thoughts again chelsea. truly missed you. come visit us here in southern pines. hope our small town makes your list.