summer makes me crabby

hey! remember that time where i didn't blog for like two weeks? yeah, about that. it's really, really, really hot.
summer is horrible. in fact, i had a little temper tantrum on saturday which included hugging my ac unit like another person and laying my head on top of it for longer than i'm proud of, sticking my head in the freezer, refusing to style my hair or wear make-up (or, let's be honest, clothes while i was at home), and yelling at my mom about how much i hate summer. as if she has anything to do with it.
hopefully, i'll have some bloggy inspiration soon. in the meantime, go eat a popsicle. or, join them in the freezer if you're in to that. it's refreshing.

image via sweet southern charm

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Anonymous said...

chelsea, you are so funny. i , of course, always read laceys first, then eagerly on to yours. dont forget august l2th or is it the l3th