happy easter

 "He planted His cross in the midst of the mad and roaring current of selfishness, aggravated to malignity, and uttered from it the mighty cry of expiring love. and the waters heard Him, and from that moment, they began to be refluent about His cross. from that moment, a current deeper and broader and mightier began to set heavenward; and it will continue to be deeper and  broader and mightier till its glad waters shall encompass the earth, and toss themselves as the ocean. and not alone did earth hear the cry, it pierced the regions of immensity. heaven heard it, and hell heard it, and the remotest star shall hear it, testifying to the love of God in His unspeakable gift, and to the supremacy of that blessedness of giving which could be reached only through death - the death of the cross."  - mark hopkins

what kind of love tells me i'm the reason He can't stay inside the grave?

image via epm


Allen Skipper said...

That is an awesome pic of the Cross with the sun behind it. May I use it?

chelsea said...

Hi Allen,

The cross photo isn't my own work - follow the link at the bottom of the post for my source.