i can't believe it's not...ice cream

i think it is important that i share something very important with you: blue bunny frozen yogurt is ridiculously good. in fact, i thought it was actually ice cream the first time i ate it. but then i looked at the nutritional facts thinking how horrified i was going to be after eating a half gallon by myself (not really. but kind of.) and was actually shocked in a good way. there was barely any fat. there was a lot of protein. the ingredients didn't contain words i couldn't pronounce. there were healthy probiotics that didn't require me to turn into jamie lee curtis and eat activia. i mean, let's be honest, it still has calories and all dessert is probably full of crap that we don't need to be stuffing into our bodies by the very-large-spoonful, but in general, i feel pretty good about this stuff. i also feel pretty good about the fact that it tastes remarkably good and has incredible flavors that don't just include chocolate and vanilla. (but they have those too if you're into that.)

my favorites include the two flavors that i have tried. but honestly i'm so happy with them i'm not sure it's worth branching out.


white chocolate raspberry (follow the link for nutritional information) includes "white choclate flavored frozen yogurt swirled with a raspberry ribbon and dark chocolate chunks". win win win. win.

carmel praline crunch might even be slightly better if that's possible. "butter pecan frozen yogurt with praline pecan pieces swirled with a salty caramel ribbon." is there a combination that sounds more fantastic? i don't think so. i'm on board for pretty much anything that contains salty caramel. i am actually eating some while i write this and feeling like all is as right with the world as it can be on a random tuesday night in february.

the wonderful thing about the two aforementioned flavors is that harris teeter carries them in mini single-serve sizes. meaning you can flirt with the cute baby ones without making a serious fro yo commitment, just in case you have issues with that.

p.s. this post is not related to blue bunny in any way and all opinions are my own. meaning, blue bunny didn't pay me to write about how much i love their fro yo. but if they wanted to pay me or give me free product, i mean, i probably wouldn't say no to that.

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lacey said...

i want to flirt with containers of mini fro yo. can we maybe have a gorge fest the next time you visit?