put a little love in your heart

even though i almost never post lately, you should know i'm still alive. and in celebration of the fact that i love valentines' day and it's coming soon, i have taken the time to create the ultimate love song playlist. i like love songs. i like making playlists. especially ultimate ones. i also especially like love songs that are not generally played by delilah. all of the ones on the playlist in the sidebar ------> really resonate with me for one reason or another. they are my favorites and you should listen to them. and stop being mad at me for never posting on my blog. my valentine to you. you're welcome.

a few other notes in regard to this playlist:

- kc and jojo's all my life almost made it. don't judge me.
- in case you ever had any doubt that you're the inspiration isn't one of the greatest love songs ever, watch this video from the old tv show ed (remember that!?). tom cavanaugh and julie bowen are second only to ross and rachel and nick and jess when it comes to great tv couples.
- nickelcreek's when you come back down isn't just an ultimate love song, it's likely my favorite song in all of the world.
- if you aren't already a dave barnes fan, you should be. three of his songs made the list because they're that good.
- i'm sorry, tpain, but just because your song is entitled best love song and i like to listen to it when i run does not entitle you to make the list. thanks for playing.

additional note: if you're reading on a tablet or mobile device, the embedded playlist won't load. but don't dismay! click here and put a little love in your heart.

image via laurenconrad

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