dress(er) up

this weekend, my friend blair and i were discussing that we don't get spring fever as much as we get fall fever. there's something about cool, crisp, blue skied saturdays that make us want to redecorate, clean out closets, go shopping, or in this case, refinish an old dresser! blair picked this one up at an old thrift store on saturday morning for $30 and took the rest of the weekend to paint it black, then this perfect autumn red, and to distress the edges so the black shows through. she even installed the drawer pulls herself! how cute is this? although red matches none of my decor, i'm completely in love! the shape is fantastic (it was just the color that needed some help!) and i think the tapered legs on the bottom are so quirky! i love that ugly old furniture pieces can be cute again - and for less than $50! how cheap and chic!! yay blair!

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