welcome to blooming branch!

welcome to my blog! i've been reading several design blogs lately and was so inspired i decided to start one myself! elegance, style, and aesthetics are extremely important to me, as well as my faith, and i hope to incorporate all of these things into my posts.
i've been thinking for a while what i should title my page, a way to pull everything together, if you will. i've been throwing around words and phrases and nothing seemed to be fitting. then i started thinking about how in addition to posting about the things that i love, i want to share about my faith and my journey in christ as i continue to grow into adulthood. i pondered verses that encompass how i want to live out my life and my faith and centered on john 15:5: "i am the vine and you are the branches. if a man remains in me and i in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing". while this is a rather basic verse, i continued to research the theme of branches and vines in the bible and found my way to ezekiel 17 in which the prophet uses an allegory about a branch to describe the lord's work in the tribe of israel. he talks about how the lord will break a cedar branch from an adult cedar tree and plant it in good soil where it can grow and thrive. (ezekiel 17:8 "it had been planted in good soil by abundant water so that it would produce branches, bear fruit and become a splendid vine.") while the prophesy is a little tough to follow at times, the above verse was perfect! as i grow into a new life and adulthood, i am also being broken off from my parents, my childhood, my old life. thanks to my fantastic family, friends and mentors in my life i have been blessed with many tools to use as i grow and i feel i've been planted in "good soil by abundant water". i want to become splendid and bear much fruit for my lord!
so, there's the inspiration for "blooming branch". i am a branch of christ, and want to continue to bloom! thanks for joining me in my journey!

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Blair said...

ohmygoodness. iloveit!
yay, something awesome for me to read at work everyday!!!
i feel like i need to go shopping asap.
i love this blog and i love you!