creative spaces

do you ever think how many wonderfully beautiful things you could create if you only had the space to create them? these gorgeous pictures make me long for a place to paint, sew, cut, paste, and nail! love the collage on the wall here. i think it's totally important to surround yourself with things that inspire you in a creative space. (while i don't have a gorgeous studio, the giant bulletin board above my desk takes care of that for me.)this one is just so cute i can't stand it. love the chair, the turquoise wall, and the lantern! (and of course those shelves! oh the organizational possibilities!)
the windows are amazing here. i would definitely be inspired with all that natural light and what i'm assuming can only be an incredible view.
(first three images via weheartit.com)

love the ribbon spools. much more accessible than my messy box-o-ribbon.
artist pat king's studio, a converted garage. love the skirted shelves. i could hide all my junk under there!
artist amy butler's studio. what pretty fabric swatches!

bittersweet owner laurie lenfestey's studio. love this one.
(images via country living magazine)

and finally, my favorite painter wolf kahn in his studio in vermont. this room isn't as beautiful as the others, but the incredible pieces that come out of here totally make up for it!

(image via wolfkahn.com)

note: you can click on any of these photographs for a closer look!

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