breakfast of champions

i really, really like breakfast. actually, i should re-word and say i really like breakfast food. despite my best efforts i'm not really a morning person nor do i have much of an appetite at 8:30 when i head off to the office. i usually eat some almonds and a banana or yogurt and granola around 9:30 or whenever i finally wake up. some mornings i don't eat at all.
that said, on weekends, i love love schlepping around the house in my pjs for an hour or two and then indulging in really yum breakfast foods. pancakes are my favorite. in fact, i also really like breakfast for dinner. it's a favorite at my house.

chicago may be known for its pizza and hot dogs, but my favorite meals in the city were most definitely breakfast. on monday, after getting ready at the hotel, and then an hour or so of navigating the el and finding fun things during the walk to breafast, mom and i were absolutely starving. yolk in grant park was supposed to be our first stop of the day, but we got distracted numerous times on the way. i knew about this place from lacey's trip during college and was eager to work it in to our plans. they have fresh squeezed juice (which really beats tropicana), and an extremely extensive menu including banana nut french toast and crepes with orange coulis. they also have their own private label coffee and a really happy yellow dining room. (see above and below.)

our delicious spread. crepes, eggs, fruit. since we left the hotel early, but never really found time to eat, it was nearly brunch by the time we arrived. we both avoided the crazy rich dishes (as great as they sounded) to save room for a late lunch and it was still fantastic.

looking a little windblown already. please note the overall yellow sunshiney-ness of this place. it made me really happy. it reminded me of a really bright ikea with better food.

on tuesday morning, mom and i took a little trip to the wicker park/damen area. it was early and we weren't that hungry yet. all we really wanted was a starbucks to get coffee and a muffin, but instead we happened upon the milk and honey cafe. my guidebook (yes, i had a guidebook like a big dork, but how else were we supposed to get around? besides, mine said "not for tourists" right on the front.) said that milk and honey was "heaven for breakfast" and they weren't kidding.
quite different from yolk the morning before, but equally inviting, their dining room was dark and cozy and autumnal with a fireplace and gourds and pumpkins everywhere.

fruit, muffins and giant lattes. this may have even beaten yolk by a little bit. and starbucks by a lot.

when i returned home, i decided it was time i started taking a little more time to enjoy breakfast. most mornings, i grab things in a rush while trying to get dressed, but sometimes i try to make time. (note: these are usually the mornings i have off.) the other day, this yum (fresh!) croissant really made my morning and made me a little reminiscent of eating fresh ones for breakfast in paris.

so, take some time for breakfast this coming weekend. it is, after all, the most important meal of the day!

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