sunday edition #3

i know, i've been a terrible blogger lately. it's been a busy couple of weeks with work, business trips to chicago (!!) and then this past week, where i just couldn't seem to get caught up on sleep no matter how much i tried. i assure you, this week will be better. especially since fall is so fabulous and inspiring and since i finally have gorgeous new drapes on my windows which i can't wait to share with you.
on another note, i'm sure by this time most of you have heard of the avett brothers. i try to avoid talking about pop culture (aka: movies, television, music) on my blog since we get enough of that from basically every media outlet out there, but since the crazy talented brothers seth and scott are from concord, i figure i can give them a little blog love. their sister bonnie used to be my dance teacher and i've waited on both boys several times at the little wine bar where i used to work. clearly, we're practically best friends. so i'm sure you can imagine my excitement when i walked into starbucks the other day and their faces were staring at me on starbucks/itunes pick of the week free download card! their new single (i and love and you) is really great, too, so i would advise you to run (don't walk) to the nearest starbucks and pick up your free download today!
see you tomorrow!

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