i love louis

this is my new louis vuitton briefcase and it's seriously gorgeous. and here's the best part: not only is it authentic and practically brand new, but i got it second-hand for $34. (and no, i didn't leave out a number.) i found this steal at this great little antique place in town called southern comforts and apparently it used to belong to one of the owners and she was just cleaning out and trying to get rid of some stuff. i kind of wanted to be like "um, hello, do you know how much this is worth!?" but i took the deal and ran (don't tell anyone else!). it was on sale, so it did cost a little bit more at one point (but not really that much). the ladies at the shop always have fun events like "margarita mondays" and "christmas in july" where you can shop and sip (free!) cocktails (this particular purchase was made on "sangria saturday") and i love it. what's more, they know me by name in there now and it makes me feel like a VIP. and quite honestly, i don't see how i'm not with my new louis. i don't need a briefcase every day for work, but when i do i plan to use this one. this is one of my favorite purchases ever and i get really excited every time i look at it. just wanted to share the joy! (you're welcome.)

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