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i don't know about you, but i'm really loving the whole obsession with typography and words in decorating right now. there are so many cool pieces out there whether pillows, wall hangings, linens, etc. that have neat words, phrases, or in some cases single letters/numbers on them. this weekend, i bought two adorable little crocks at anthropologie with 78 (my address) on them.

i am especially a fan of statement signs lately, which are generally larger wall hangings with a certain phrase or saying on them. i think they bring a lot of character to a room and can say a lot about the room's occupants. they are also very versatile - depending on the phrase/color, they can be used in virtually any spot.

here are some fun examples:

apartment therapy recently posted diy instructions on how to make one of these cool signs yourself and it's as easy as a trip to the craft store to buy some vinyl letters and spray paint. they suggested doing it on plywood, i would prefer canvas, but i'm pretty certain you could make it work on anything; even the wall itself. the post's comments also have a ton of suggestions for fun quotes to use. there are so many options: poetry, movie quotes, song lyrics, etc. i'm contemplating doing one for my living room, but i haven't landed on the perfect phrase yet. what would yours say?

**i feel that i should mention it is 1:36 on a monday and i am sitting in my pjs and a big sweater posting this. it's rainy and disgusting outside and i'm loving life/days off. please don't judge me for being so lazy.**

images: 1.domino magazine 2.nothingrelevant.files.wordpress.com 3. and 4.apartment therapy 5.redletterwords on etsy.com

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