spring fashion fever!

today i finally sat down to flip though my new spring jcrew catalog, which requires a decent allotment of time and good lighting. for those of you that know me, i rarely actually purchase anything from jcrew (unless you count the warehouse sales) because i don't have a money tree in my yard, but i love the styling and generally try to repeat the looks with more affordable pieces. combined with my trip to the mall with blair and lacey this weekend, i’ve decided that I love love love the look this year for spring. overall, the colors (pale pastels and earthtones, yes please) and styles (very feminine and flowy with some cute menswear mixed in) are making me really excited for warmer weather and spring fever. here are my top five favorite trends so far:

1. the cropped pant

so here's the thing: i'm tall and my legs are too long for normal pants. what's more, i'm a super big fan of high heels, so the "long" pants in stores are often not even long enough. and for spring/summer, i don’t like pedal pusher/bermuda shorts (because really, on who are they flattering? anyone?). enter the pixie/minnie/skimmer pant. not only is this length totally flattering and sophisticated on lots of people (jcrew is calling them the pixies the "magic pant" because they look that good on everyone) but it's totally trendy right now. additionally, i’m loving the trouser version of this length. pictured here is the élan trouser. they're supposed to hit an inch or two above your ankle bone and can be dressed up or dressed down. while we’re on the subject, you’d be better off wearing this length with heels or booties. flats aren’t making your legs look any longer.

2. embellished tees/tanks

these were everywhere this weekend and jcrew has quite a few as well. from flowers to appliqués to sequins to ruffles, they’re all kosher. here’s what i like about these: you can make your own with little to no sewing ability. i think i’m going to attempt this at some point and blog about it, but really all it takes is a cheap basic tee or tank (rugged warehouse usually sells gap ones for about $3), some fabric or sequins you like, a bead or two if you prefer, and some good ol’ hand sewing skills. done and done. the one pictured above isn’t even done neatly – the messiness of it makes it cool. and these tees are as cute with jeans/shorts as they are with a pencil skirt under a blazer.
note: i feel like ruffles should maybe have a category of their own, being as how they're seriously everywhere, but that messes up the whole "top five" thing. technically, ruffles are an embellishment, so i'm lumping them here. assume that ruffles in any capacity are cool by me.

3. layers of sweet, girly jewelry

i’m totally down with ribbons/pearls/diamonds/flowers/bows/etc. on my jewelry and jcrew/anthro/banana have been rocking my world lately. (again, most of my jewelry purchases are not made at these places, just inspired by them. try forever 21 – their stuff looks the same and usually costs less than $10.) my style is very girly anyway, so i’m extremely attracted to this look. i’m very glad that this trend is hanging on for one more season and i can keep wearing my flower headbands and clipping flowers and feathers in my hair/on my necklaces.

4. chunky shoes

i may have been unsure at first, but i’ve decided that the whole chunky/architectural booties and shoes are really awesome. they make your legs look crazy long (as long as you choose one that doesn’t hit above your ankle bone. ew.) and they look awesome with the aforementioned cropped pant lengths. i am definitely going to get a neutral and a grey pair for spring and i’m super psyched about wearing them with springy dresses, pants, and maybe even some baggy shorts? this shoe look didn’t make lucky mag’s spring shoe list but i can’t say i always love lucky’s suggestions anyway. (side note: in case you haven't burned your pair from the seventh grade, high-heeled clogs did make lucky's list.) while i can’t afford them, i am completely, 100% in love with the chunky jcrew pair pictured here. like i-can’t-stop-thinking-about-them, can’t-eat, can’t-sleep in-love. it’s a good thing i have moral issues with spending $265 on a pair of shoes, or my savings account would be taking a huge hit.

(p.s. this pair from forever 21? they're going to be my next payday present to myself.)

5. stripes and bitty polka dots

chic, classic, and incredibly french, i feel like i’ve been seeing both of these looks everywhere. blair bought a super cute rufflely (see? they're everywhere.) striped top at ann taylor loft this weekend (for $17, i might add), and i’m thinking i’m going to have to find a similar one. both of these say “hello spring, i look super crisp and pulled-together” without too much work, and i’m endorsing them both, maybe just not together? today i did wear a polka dot silk top with tiny pin-striped pants, and the model in the photo above seems to be pulling it off quite nicely, so maybe it’s possible. but, in the words of my fave mad tv character bon qui qui, " but don't get crazy".

disclaimer: i don’t really pay attention to couture fashion because i find myself getting too overwhelmed by it all, so i have no idea if these are trends that alexander mcqueen and loeffler randall are suggesting for spring (most likely no). i’m sort of of the opinion that most things that fit your style stay in style (minus maybe stirrup pants and spice-girl platform shoes) regardless of the ever-changing trends; and these are just a few updates i’ll be adding to my spring wardrobe. lucky magazine is suggesting loud neons, anorak jackets, and paneled leggings as well, so more power to you if you feel like dressing like an edgy fashionista. i’m going to stick with the ready-to-wear looks and leave the crazy stuff to the pros.

images: 1.dealio.com 2-5:jcrew.com, 6.anntaylorloft.com

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