capitol hill is calling me!

happy sunday! forgive my absence this week - it's been a very busy but wonderful one!
at the end of last year, i was given the opportunity (and a scholarship) to attend the annual "habitat on the hill" conference in washington, dc and this past week i joined about three hundred other habitat staff members from around the country in our nation's capital to advocate for affordable housing policy among our elected leaders.  i assumed i would have fun and have worked often locally on advocacy issues, but i had no idea how much i would:
a.) fall in love with the city of washington, dc
b.) feel completely passionate about the policies for which we were advocating
c.) absolutely love talking with senators, congressmen, and their staff
d.) learn about the political process and the importance of advocacy in our legal system.

i found myself completely in love with the city (and i've always been a little overwhelmed by big cities...fun to visit, but not to live) and what i was able to do there. better yet, i found that advocacy in this realm was a great fit for my professional strengths and was surprised that meeting with my elected officials at their offices on the Hill was not scary, but completely enjoyable and necessary. i was able to meet directly with our congressman larry kissell and with north carolina senator kay hagan and was encouraged that despite corruption and the "politics" of that society, and even despite certain differences among our elected leaders and their constituents, there are still many who care about our country's future and seek to do their jobs well.
while i was there, i began to realize that working in government relations and advocacy may just be where god is calling me in the future. i have never wanted to just pick-up and move to a city, but i must say washington, dc has found a very special place in my heart. i feel that i would fit there in many different ways and have begun praying that god will reveal whether his plans for me include work there in the future.
so, if you're more interested in what i was doing while i was there, head over to habitat cabarrus' facebook page and watch my video blogs, read my accounts of each day on the discussion tab, and check out the photos. and if you realize the importance of advocating for those who need a "hand up" in our society and want to join the effort, go here and sign up to become an advocate with habitat yourself. you'll receive emails every month informing you on easy ways you can help your elected leaders understand the importance of affordable housing for all.

more to come this week on how much i loved dc, including a little blogging about the cute cute neighborhood of georgetown!

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