i need a valium

holy cow. could this week get any more stressful? i'm in can't-eat-can't-sleep-can't-form-full-sentences-constantly-a-little-shaky-with-heartburn mode at this point. in addition to a work week of 12 hour days and various damage control from saturday's squirrel incident, i've had a cell phone casualty (oh, and p.s. that insurance i thought i had? i don't.), a television casualty (it actually kind of started burning when i turned on the today show tuesday morning, no doubt another fried electronic from saturday's squirrel incident), a watch casualty, and a minor (but still very annoying) carbon monoxide detector scare. i'm on week two of half-marathon training, which means the only time left for running/lifting has been 6am. i'm leaving for vacation early saturday morning and it looks like a tornado has come through my house. i need some yoga, a couple of deep breaths, a margarita (or three), and a massage.
thank you jesus (and mom and dad) that vacation is coming in about 36 hours. hopefully i'll still be alive.

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