sexy sale

although i really don't like this time of year thanks to the onset of (at least) three months of absolutely oppressive heat and humidity, i do love one thing about june: the victoria's secret and bath and body BIG semi-annual sale! i don't think that victoria's secret is really that much greater underwear than anywhere else (and, let's be honest, it's kind of overpriced), but how can you not love rummaging through big bins of pretty underthings and jammies in an entirely pink store that smells good? vs has fantastic marketing and therefore, despite the fact that many other underwear brands are just as great, i still want to shop there. i went to the mall the other day for some hand soap at bath and body and came out with multiple handsoaps, lotion, and three new bras. i will say i actually needed all of those things, and three new bras (all of which are awesome) for $60 is a bargain anywhere. i'm pretty psyched about them. what is it about new underwear and socks that is so exciting?

images: 1.fashionfame.com 2.comesaveme.tumblr.com 

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