oh, goody (part 2)

a few weeks ago, i had a killer day at the goodwill. in fact, i've had several killer days lately. my closet is bulging and i need to stop shopping. at least i'm paying practically pennies for all of this, i suppose.
i've always loved the goodwill in shelby and so whenever i'm in the area visiting blair or my alma mater, i stop in to browse the deals. all of the stuff you see below, i bought in one trip. it was exhilarating!

for starters, i got this fantastic book. i totally love the tour, and i'm really excited to read this. i'd never even heard of it before - so i was pretty psyched when i found it on the bookshelf. 

i'm completely obsessed with this skinny little gold leather belt from target (tags still attached). it's a little too big, but it looks super cool (and super jcrew) tied in a funky knot around my waist. 

i also found a giant box of the coolest cardstock cards. there are like forty of them, and while they are not crane or kate spade (my stationery of choice), they look like it, so i'm happy. these are just a sampling of the fifteen or so fun little pictures on the cards: a crown, an owl, a bike, and palm tree. maybe if you're really nice to me, i'll send you one with a note inside. 

i loved the owl card (pictured above) so much that i framed him in this fun gold frame (that i also bought for 0.99) and hung it on my cluster wall in my bedroom. 

i have long arms, so finding blazers that i love is often difficult. this particular day, i found three, all of which are fantastic. i can't wait until the weather cools down more and i can wear this one from forever 21. it's got a double-breasted front and pockets. 

this one i've already worn to the office - it's lightweight enough for summer, but still has some cool texture. thankfully, it will also work with some layers in the cooler months. 

and you better believe on the first cool day of fall, i'm wearing this baby with some skinnys and my favorite brown riding boots. october, get here faster

and finally, the jackpot find of the day...

...an authentic, never used (as far as i can tell) coach signature "c" print bag. it's a little mini one, but i'm 100% certain it's worth more than the $2.99 i paid for it. i'm pretty much in to big bags, so i passed this baby on to my mom (she loves me). 

a good day? i think so. again, goodwill, i love you. 

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