let's get it on

meet sarah. we've been friends since my sophomore year of college and she's getting married (!!) this weekend! lacey and i both feel that the two essentials for brides are: 1. a kitchen aid mixer and 2. sexy undies. lucky for sarah, she scored a mixer at her first shower (jealous) so lacey and i threw her a fun lingerie shower last weekend to take care of the second necessity. basically, it was awesome...

we thought a suggestive banner would be fun decor. then the mailman came to the door while we were decorating and asked "is this the kind of party i think it is?" it was awkward. either way, our tissue paper flowers were cool. 

goodies for game winners in the fireplace.

what's a party without champagne?

the champagne got to sit on these awesome coasters - complete with flirting tips and kiss prints. thank you, mighty dollar. 

lacey's sexy little mint chocolate cupcakes with her homemade icing and my homemade flags. yum.

these babies cost over a dollar each at dean and deluca. it cost less than $10 to make twice this amount in my kitchen. and they tasted just as delicious. 

too bad we'd just eaten our weight in sushi before this spread. there were a lot of leftovers.

ah, lovely.

i prefer parties with favors. we sent guests home with a let's get it on mix cd and mini takeout boxes full of hershey kisses. yes, please. 

sarah, i love you! congratulations!

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