it's been a mildly sucky two weeks and i've spent a decent amount of time feeling sorry for myself. after some reflection this evening, however, i've concluded that there are always a few things about which to be happy. so here are some...

1. fall decorations - it's finally fall - despite this mini heat wave, and my house is full of fall goodness. owls, orange berries, pumpkin candles and bare branches make me so happy.
2. an unexpected thank-you note from my boss that told me i was an "integral part of the organization" and that he appreciated me. always nice to hear.
3. $3.99 blue fin pinot noir from trader joe's, a glass of which i'm enjoying in bed while writing this entry. can't beat it.
4. my new, insanely hot, totally unnecessary peep-toe satin jeweled-bow pumps. they were originally $159. i snagged them for $20. i need somewhere to wear them stat.
5. liam. even though he ate my brand new headband and ran my new jcrew stockings within two days this weekend, he always makes me smile and it's so nice to have someone to come home to.
6. a much lower monthly power bill. thank you, cooler temps.

despite the circumstances, it's pretty much always better to dwell on the positive, no? happiness is in the details. what little things are you happy about this week?

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Dixie said...

I'm happy I'm your Mom. I love you, Honey!