small town life

one of my favorite friday traditions is taking a quick walk from my office down the block to ellie's coffee shop for some form of breakfast treat. their coffee isn't anything too awesome, but their baked goods are another story, and i like celebrating the start of the weekend with a giant freshly-made muffin full of fat and calories.
this morning as i set out, i couldn't help but appreciate sweet little concord. often, i wish i lived in a bigger city. one that's a little more bustling, has a starbucks on every corner, has a larger pool of cute boys to date, better restaurants and cooler cultural opportunities. maybe one day i'll have that, but fall in concord is glorious and there are definitely some benefits to small-town life. today the air was so crisp, the leaves were changing, a sweet little old lady was outside sweeping the sidewalk in front of her shop, a vintage classic car drove down main street as i walked, i passed a lawyer friend on his way to the courthouse, the owner at ellie's knows my name and i don't even have to ask for soy milk in my latte because she remembers - don't you wish you lived here?

however, despite my picturesque experience this morning - it's race weekend. you don't want to live here. trust me.

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