bad credit? no problem!

i'll admit it. i love catalogs. there is something about a mailbox stuffed with glossy merchandise organized beautifully that makes me want to pull out the credit cards and run to the mall. the weird thing, however, is that i never buy anything through the mail. ever. so why do i do it? i've decided it's the safest shopping i can do. i can look without the risk of finding a deal that's impossible to pass up and there is no risk of me trying something on (just for fun, of course), falling in love, and making an irresponsible shopping decision (we've all seen lately what happens when you spend money you don't have). i can still feed my need to shop without actually risking my hard earned dollars. perfect!

as far as catalogs go, however, anthropologie ones are hands down my favorite. their merchandise is photographed more artistically than anything i've ever seen (all you have to do is walk into an anthro store to realize the company's value on aestheics) and i'm ashamed to admit i have a huge stash of anthro catalogs under my bed (a couple of years worth) because i think they are just too beautiful to throw away. if you have any ideas of what i could do with them all that would be super. anyways, as if to celebrate the first day of october, this month's catalog arrived in my mailbox today. above and below are a my choice items for which i would totally be whipping out the amex were i at the mall and not flipping through pages of lovely photographs. thanks, anthro for the eye candy and for saving my credit! i bought scrunchy gloves like this a few weeks ago. can't wait to wear them! if only i had this gorgeous leaf jacket with which to pair them!why am i so obsessed with coats? i have too many already and i still want more! i don't even live in a cold climate! this one is gorgeous. click on the photo for a better look at the delicious lining!
my favorite. this plenty by tracey reese dress is so lovely. i am absolutely smitten!

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