better than a tiara - a post by lacey

I am loving the head piece trend. Feathery, leathery, beaded, sequined-whatever-I love it. Ok, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I love the Las Vegas showgirl kind of head piece. (How much do those things weigh??) My preference are the understated ones-the ones that look like they should be in a 1950s movie. The tulle coming down over the eye, the flower pinned low in the hair. Oh! And feathers-bring on the feathers! The trend is currently really popular with brides. By the time I get married, the trend will probably be long past, but right now I think they look very glamorous and romantic. What do you think?
On the same note, I love the hippie headbands that I'm seeing splashed all over magazines right now. I could not pull this off, but I think it looks very laid back and cool. I want to be cool.
images 1-6 via etsy.com 7.fash-eccentric.com

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