winter trees

one of my favorite things about winter are the trees. i know that may sound crazy, given that they are bare and spindly this time of year, as opposed to the lush green and vibrant colors that they showcase during the spring, summer, and autumn months. but for some reason, i love the way that tree branches look now, silhouetted against the sky. they are best described in my opinion, spread bold and black across the landscape, as intricate, graceful, and unique. i am extremely detail-oriented, so perhaps that explains why they often distract me while outdoors. branches, whether standing alone or in a large group, have such an artistic quality to them and i am consistently drawn to similar motifs in design. i have even tried to recreate their beauty in my painting endeavors. (not so successful!)
i think perhaps the reason that i am so enamored with winter branches, aside from their aesthetic qualities, is because they, along with many elements of nature, were created to subtly remind us of our life in christ. the landscape of winter is cold and empty. it is a time of waiting, of quiet patience for new life ahead. but although the trees appear dead on the outside, they are everything but on the inside, and silent preparations are being made to bloom again with beauty and vibrant life.
the seasons of life are the same - we are given new life in christ. sometimes our lives in him are like the spring or summer, lush and alive, and sometimes our lives are like the winter - fruitless and bare. but the best part is this: even when the trees seem lifeless with nothing to give, they remain unique, intricate, and beautiful in the eyes of our creator.
images: 1.melindaschwakhofer.files.wordpress.com 2.chasidi sharp 3.765.blogspot.com 4.sharon clark at smittenphotography 5.syracuse sunset by barbara hock, webshots.


jen said...

just found your blog, hello :)
and loved your thoughts on trees in the winter. I too love their beauty, and the symbolism you connect them with. I especially love when they're covered in fresh snow, they seem so delicate.

candyknits said...

Hi Chelsea, I enjoy reading your blog. I found you through upsidedownbee and am a friend of Lacey and her Mom.

I share your love for the trees of winter. Sometimes it takes my breath to see them silhouetted against the sky at sunset. And then in the early spring when they begin to bud and are all lacey - I love that too.