hip hip hooray!

i would be a terrible friend/sister if i didn't tell you...

1. that my best friend lacey turned the big 2-5 this weekend. she is amazingly cool and beautiful and thoughtful i'm so lucky to be her friend!! happy birthday love! 

2. that my smarty-pants little brother found out this week he was accepted (one of only fourteen applicants that they take each year) in to the prestigious yale school of architecture graduate program. not only is he super-creative, super-cute and super-smart, but he's super hard-working and loves what he does. he deserves this incredible honor and i am so proud of him!

images: 1. motleycrew.blogspot.com 2. yale school of architecture

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birthday girl said...

i told you not to post that awful picture of me on your blog. i look so terribly beautiful eating my birthday cake dressed in shiny pink.