hey, mom!

my mom is cool. she's probably cooler than your mom (just saying). so in honor of mother's day, here are my top ten favorite things about my mom:

10. she's stylish. (she used to wear mom clothes, but then she got smart and now she's super cute.)
 9. she forgives me when i'm mean to her. 
 8. she makes home a great place to be for me and whoever i bring home with me. moving out into my own home was harder than it should have been, thanks to her hospitality.

7. she's supportive of my brother and i and makes sure we know we're her #1 priority, even now that we're grown. she's always there when i need her. 
6. she shops with me and waits patiently while i take 4 hours to look at everything/deliberate my purchases. i'm a very slow shopper. 
5. she takes cool trips with me.

4. she listens to me and never tells me i'm being irrational when i complain (most of the time i am being irrational).
3. she's very generous, even now that i'm an independent adult.
2. she likes to watch gilmore girls and cheesy movies with me while wearing pj's and eating japanese takeout. (we're very good at the whole staying-in bit.)
1. she is my best friend!

happy mother's day mom - i love you! 

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Anonymous said...

I love Mama Cote too!