posen = pricey

so i've always liked zac posen's designs - he's classy and fashion-forward and i love his respect for a good dress. and i know he's a big deal - but i'm fairly annoyed at the pricey-ness of his new target line. there are three dresses in particular i love - the one above on selma blair and the two below, all of which are priced between $70 and $80. seriously? this is target, zac. i go there because i can afford to shop there. i like that i can buy lots of things before my total is that much. i really don't think that zac's name on a dress changes the fact that it still came from target and i think target shouldn't get so carried away with their fabulous designer partnerships that they stop being target. i'm pretty sure anywhere that sells milk and bananas along with their clothes, or can be preceded with the word "super" to describe such stores is not allowed to charge that much for a dress. no matter who designed it. 



images: 1.ap via stylelist.com 2/3. zac posen for target lookbook 

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