sunday surprise

yesterday my dad and brother had to work, so following a fabulous mother's day dinner at big daddy's in dilworth last night (where we gorged ourselves on what i think are the best burgers in the city - try the frenchie turkey burger. it'll blow your mind.), i took mom to davidson yesterday for a nice mother's day brunch at toast. without the boys in the picture, the plan was then to wander around our favorite antique mall, oak street mill. unfortunately, however, they were closed for the day. we were severely disappointed, until we decided to stop at the new antique mall in concord, the depot at gibson mill where we were pleasantly surprised by the sheer size and exciting goodies that have found their home in this very cool facility...

while the place doesn't yet have ac and is a bit toasty, it fills the lonely space that used to be a booming textile mill in concord and is now an 88,000 square-foot antique super-center. i think we were there for 2 1/2 hours browsing the vendors; perusing everything including old books, flower arrangements, furniture, home goods, and sample pieces from various designer fabric dealers. there's merchandise for every "antique" style from shabby chic to primitive to redneck (yes, you can get your antique racing memorabilia in the left wing) and the atmosphere (outside of the left wing, of course) was lovely - they had classical music playing and lots of natural light and it was a completely blissful and inspiring way to spend a sunday afternoon. surprisingly, we bought nothing, but considering the fact that this place is only about a mile and a half from my house, you can bet i'll be back soon!

p.s. find-of-the-day: for $42, this homemade doll-head trophy can be yours. let me know if you want this (obviously) priceless item and i'll go pick it up for you. but you better move quick, because i don't know how much longer it'll be there. there's obviously a high demand for such exquisite conversation pieces.

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