happy bastille day!

i was in canada for the fourth of july. i'm in america for bastille day. i really need to work on being in the right place at the right time.
in celebration of bastille day, however, here are my top five favorite things about france:

1. le tour de france - it's amazing. especially mr. andy schleck. bonjour monsieur.

2. la mode - hello? how can i mention the french without mentioning their amazing style? they set the standard.

3. les norritures - croissants. wine. cheese. chocolate. butter. creme brulee. champagne. pastries. i think i just gained three pounds.

4. l'architecture - la tour eiffel, l'arc de triomph, mutiple notre dame cathedrals, etc. etc. it's beautiful and just so, so french.

5. la langue - everything sounds sexier in french.

vive la france! 

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Mom said...

Ooohhh.......... Let's go back!!! Merci'!!