vintage calling

as you may have noticed, i love vintage anything. especially clothes. i get really excited when i find things like jcrew and marc jacobs at the goodwill, but i also get really excited when i find really gorgeous, classic, and unique pieces from back in the day. i have two insanely gorgeous vintage black dresses (both leslie fay pieces) that i love wearing because they look so different from a black dress you can buy anywhere.
that said, i also love etsy. and every time i hop over to that site, my love grows. especially last night when i discovered that etsy has an amazing selection of vintage pieces for purchase.
i particularly like vintage calling, which is based right here in charlotte, and very, very affordable. i first discovered this site when i checked out this gorgeous shoot by jen hunt. how great is bethany's white 20's number pictured above? so classy. i love the look of vintage clothes in photographs because they make a shot that would be good, great.
so here are two dresses i'm absolutely coveting right now. i may actually just go for it this weekend and buy one. which should i choose?

this super cute white mini?

or this gorgeous floaty number?

or maybe both? they are on sale, after all...

images: 1.jenhuntphotography 2/3. etsyshopvintagecalling

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jen said...

I just saw this...thank you so much! What a sweet little treat your blog is. xo