home again

hello blogger friends. i'm sure you all just missed me terribly while i was away. can i just say how fantastic cruises are? the food is amazing (like amazing, amazing) and there are no responsibilities. people clean up after you. people wait on you. people make you fun animals out of towels. it's fabulous, really. and, even more fantastic is the scenery we got to see on this cruise (including the above photo, in college fjord). we also saw:

1. humpback whales (i'm pretty sure i was as excited as a little kid the first time i saw these.)
2. bald eagles
3. glaciers
4. glaciers calving (that's where big chunks of ice break off and fall in to the ocean. so stinking cool.)
5. lots of gorgeous mountains
6. juneau, ak
7. ketchikan, ak
8. vancouver, bc
9. bears (stuffed, but still.)
10. real, live alaskan park rangers. they were so cool.

needless to say, i've been in a jet-lagged, depressed vacation hangover the past few days, but i can't wait to blog all of of my fun pictures and about some of the fun alaskan thrift and craft purchases i made in port. unfortunately, the photo above is from my mom, as i broke my camera on the last day of the trip (let's just add that to the list of things that have broken in my life during the past month, shall we?), so i'm working on getting that fixed so i can upload, edit and share all the goodness!

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Mary said...

did you see russia from sarah palin's house? :)