christmas in july

this morning in my inbox, i had an email from borders saying that july 25th (this weekend) is halfway to the holidays. while i would argue that "halfway" actually falls on june 25th, either way i'm obviously very excited about this reality. i cannot WAIT for chilly weather, red starbucks cups, christmas lights, parties, presents, putting up all my shiny decorations, and lots of cheer.

if you're like me and not above listening to christmas music early (i generally start listening in august, but what's one month early?), you can stream christmas music live here during the month of july. thank you, lite 102.9, for being awesome. my office is so festive at the moment, and thankfully none of my coworkers have noticed or gotten angry with me yet.

so...merry christmas...in five months! you can start shopping for my presents now.

image via flickr

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