belated birthday present!

guess what i just bought yesterday? my birthday money was burning a hole in pocket (thanks to my grandma c and grandma and grandpa h!) and the banana republic classic trench is finally finally finally back in stock! i've been stalking their website since about may waiting for them to get this baby back in. and even better - i bought it at 40% off! (sign up for their emails - you get 40% off all. the. time.)

i wanted this coat in particular because i received one of banana republic's business suits tailored for tall women last year for christmas and it is the single best fitting thing i have ever worn. seriously. i can not wait to have a trench coat that actually has long enough sleeves and i can not wait for this to show up on my doorstep! what a wonderful way to welcome cooler temperatures!

image via sartorially correct

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Blair said...

so happy this is finally in stock. if i had a penny for every time i heard "i can't believe the br trench is still out of stock" i'd have about 168 pennies....which wouldn't really buy me that much. but still. i'm glad it is on the way to your closet. better yet, you should give it a place of honor and hang it next to the lv bag!