welcome, fall!

it's officially autumn here at blooming branch and with that have come a few fun changes, including a new autumn header, some new tabs at the top of the page and a fantastic (if i'm allowed to say so) new playlist. i've had a lot of fun working on these updates and am now preparing for a little fall makeover on my house as well. i've finally enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte and my cupboards are officially stocked with caramel apples and candy corn. what else is there to do but share some fall loveliness?

images: 1.rockstardiaries 2.ameliakayphotography on etsy 3.llorias.tumblr 4.ophidiophobic 5.t on pinterest 6.polyvore 7.weheartit 8.indulge-in-reveries.tumblr 9.icantforgetaboutyou.tumblr 10.atipicidade.tumblr


Blair said...

love the new set-up and the extra pages :) love that there's more to love about your blog!

lacey said...

love the new pages and links! also, thanks for telling the world and my automobile upchuck. you're the bestest.

Anonymous said...

morning chelsea, have i told you lately that i look forward to reading your blog, thoughts, photos, ideas. keep creating girl.! hope this weekend sends you a 90% off sale somewhere.