this school house rocks

this morning, i locked myself out of the house. in the rain. in my pj's. with no shoes. or coffee. it was not a good way to start the day. when i finally made it back in the house and managed to get some of my morning agenda complete, i switched on the nate berkus show while i ate my lunch. i was never a huge oprah fan. i can't stand dr. phil. but goodness if i don't love some nate berkus. i recognize that nate likes boys and my feelings towards him are not mutal, but that doesn't change the way i feel. he is a stylish, talented, beautiful man. today he showed a cottage in the catskills that used to be a one room school house and had been made over into a tiny 800 square foot home. it's a little more colorful than i would choose for my own home, but that doesn't mean i don't think it is about the cutest little house in the history of the world (besides mine, of course), and i just had to share.

can't get enough? watch the video for a lot more school house loveliness!

all images via thenateshow

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