friday super sales

okay people. let's get really excited about the fantastic sales that make up this outfit. i honestly still can't believe these deals...

sweater: while shopping with blair and baby elliot a few weeks ago, i noticed this sweater on a sale rack at anthro and picked it up thinking it was pretty, but not anticipating the price i saw looking back at me. the sweater was originally $118. but written in red, next to the crossed-out triple-digits, were the three little numbers that made my heart leap: $9.95. i promptly RAN to the register, afraid it wasn't true, but it was. despite my love of anthropologie, this is, in fact, the very first article of clothing i have ever bought there. carrying that gorgeous bag around the mall was exceptionally wonderful. i bought it in the mid-july heat, but i'm pretty certain this is going to be my go-to piece this fall/winter. i love everything about it.

jeans: a few weeks ago, a friend of a friend had a moving sale in her home and it was pretty excellent. she had cake and wine and we got to shop in her living room. i'm remarkably sad this lady moved to texas, because judging from the excellent items she was selling and her cute cute house, we would have been good friends. i'm not sure why she was getting rid of the clothes that she was, but i hit the jackpot when i found these banana republic boyfriend jeans for $3. they are a size smaller than i usually wear, which is always welcome, and they look impossibly cool with virtually everything.

boots: oh the boots. here's the best deal...remember when i blogged about how i wanted these boots for my birthday? well, i got them, after agreeing to split the ridiculous $198 price tag with my parents. i say i'm the cheapest person alive, and it's true. they came and i opened them and they were beautiful, but i couldn't get over how much they cost. it just wasn't worth it. the next morning, i was determined to find a better price. first, i found a pair in my size on some random website for $98. i got pretty excited to find $100 knocked off the price, but thank goodness i kept looking. a few minutes later, i found them on super-sale in my size for (are you ready?) FIFTY DOLLARS. with free shipping. i nearly fainted with excitement. that's like 75% off. and that's my kind of sale. i can't wait to wear these babies for the next six months. i will definitely be getting my fifty dollars worth.

also, happy weekend, by the way! i'll be hitting up a big church yard sale in town, helping out at a dance theatre fundraiser, decorating my house for fall, hopefully shopping for some key fall pieces and definitely enjoying my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. sounds perfect, no?

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April said...

Gosh I'm jealous. Those are some amazing deals!!!