cheap romance

this post title makes me think of a drugstore romance novel, however, i assure you fabio doesn't have anything to do with mel tormé. i've been a fan of jazz and crooner music for most of forever and am not ashamed to admit that i have several albums by dean martin, nat king cole and many others. i was introduced to mel tormé one morning while getting ready for work last year when npr did a story on his son steve march's tribute performance to his father's work, and i immediately became a fan. which basically means i created a "mel tormé" station on pandora and looked for some of his cds at the library, where you can check them out for free. so you can imagine my excitement yesterday when i came across the "mel tormé: recipe for romance" cd at mighty dollar. i was so thrilled i think my "oh look! a mel tormé cd!" exclamation was heard by the entire store/shopping plaza instead of just my mom. the album has twenty songs on it, which means i paid a mere 0.05 per track. take that, itunes. i've been listening to it on this perfectly crisp gray fall friday, and it makes me feel like i live in a black-and-white movie, look like rita hayworth, and live a glamorous life. i'm fairly certain none of these things is true, but thanks to mel, i can pretend they are. now if only gene kelly would show up. i'd take him over fabio any day.

i mean, let's be honest here. who wouldn't?

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Laura said...

Ohhhhhh man. That whole post is pretty much heaven.