fair-ly disappointed

the state fair this weekend wasn't really as awesome as i was expecting. it was basically like any other fair i've ever visited, just bigger, more crowded and more expensive. it was approximately $6 to ride one ride or eat anything. no thank you. the highlights of the trip were a corndog, which i don't think i've eaten since elementary school; and a visit to the prize-winning produce building, which featured giant cucumbers, watermelons and a 500-and-some pound pumpkin, which was awesome. i also enjoyed seeing the goats and piglets, but not really the smell of them.
for some reason i think i have it in my head that the fair is much more idyllic and lovely than it actually is. i always think of them as romantic and nostalgic, but in reality they're just kind of icky. i've decided nighttime fair visits are better than daytime ones because the icky-ness is somewhat hidden by darkness and the lights are pretty. after our daytime visit, we drove past the fairgrounds again around 10:00pm on the way to a movie, and they were setting off a fairly impressive fireworks show. the lights and colors of the rides, combined with those of the fireworks, all from a removed vantage-point, is the way i like to remember my visit. lovely and not-icky.
i was too busy fighting the crowds and taking in the sights to take a lot of photos, but here are a few fun ones. the sky was so blue and cloudless on saturday that it made for a perfect ferris-wheel backdrop. overall, i'm glad to have checked "visit-the-state-fair" off my north carolina to-do list and at the very least it was a fun way to spend a saturday afternoon with some of my favorite people.

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