thy bounty shines in autumn unconfined, and spreads a common feast for all that live. - james thompson


Elisabeth said...

Are you going to move closer now that you have new job and these fabulous things will be closer to me? I can't recommend Elizabeth/Chantilly area enough!

Anonymous said...

love your digs chelsea. felt like i was drooling thru domino, cottage living or readymade. you have a beautiful corner of the world.

seaofgray said...

The Brie Boxes! The teacups! Do you feel my presence in there? You make things look so good, Chelsea... It's like the fall fairies came and blessed you abundantly this season, making up for the lack of jewel tone leaves that we're all missing. You've got the gift, my friend! Come bless me and anna's home in Houston! You're the best!!